Tips defining project management methodology

There is a management methodology that refers to a set of tools that are designed in helping you to streamline your project of AWS migration. To transfer the workload to the cloud needs a clear practical and defined approach. But there is no need for you to worry about anything. The AWS makes sure that you will not have to do any reinvention of the wheel.

You can use the following for the AWS cloud migration plan:

Assessing the readiness for the operations of the cloud

It is a very important part of the process of migration which contains technical and financial planning:

  • The financial planning: It involves an analysis that is detailed of the costs for transferring the workload to the AWS. The expenses include the migration costs to the environment that are targeted to the cloud. You need to ensure that your account for the storage, server, and the cost of the network.
  • Technical planning: It is the deep evaluation of the architectures of the applications. In case you wish to be agile, your team needs to build a backlog, determining which data and apps to be transferred first. At the same time, you have to consider the possible risks of security and the identity of the critical assets which are better kept away from the cloud.

It is recommended that dedicating a small team to get the information regarding the current architecture might be the best way to go. The teams need to organize applications that are in your environment into patterns for determining the timelines and costs for each.

The migration project scale can be quite overwhelming. It might help in adopting the iterative methodology that denotes having to prioritize applications and move various apps to the cloud in the same sprints simultaneously.

The progress can be quite slow and initially expensive but your team will get more proficient as you go on with the migration. After all, it is normally quite effective to turn to the professionals who have relevant experience who work as per the proven methodologies.


An AWS partner with skills can be able to guide you through the entire process of migration, making it smoother, faster, and cheaper. You have to remember that you will have to entrust the company with your business data, and thus, a decision should be informed and deliberate.

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